Bad news on Applefest, Good news on Oxjam Takeover

There’s some sad news for anyone who was thinking of heading over to Middle Farm this weekend for Applefest. Because of all the rain that we’ve had, and all of the rain that’s forecast over the next few days, they’ve decided to cancel this year’s festival. There’s a full statement on the Middle Farm Website.

Don’t despair though, because there’s still plenty of music to be had this weekend (albeit with less cider, but this is a music blog, not a alochol blog). Oxjam is still taking place this weekend all over town, and they’re reducing the wristband ticket price to £6 and will now be selling tickets to individual venues too. It’ll cost three pounds to get into the Dome Studio, The Hope or the Unitarian Church, and two pounds to get into White Rabbit, Mash Tun or Riki Tiks. Full line up details and further info can be found over on the Facebook event.