The Levellers Greatest Hits / single news


Next month The Levellers release a new greatest hits album. It’s not their first – that was One Way of Life which came out back in 1998 and charted their first ten years in the music business. Their new best of (simply entitled Greatest Hits) features many old favourites and also includes some new versions of some of their songs re-recorded with Imelda May, Bellowhead and Frank Turner as well as new single Hope Street – The original came out back in 1995, but this time around they’ve roped in Billy Bragg on lead vocals. Hope Street is out now, and Greatest Hits is out on 29th September. A deluxe version of the album which comes with two cds, a dvd and a 7” of Hope Street can be pre-ordered here.

Levellers 25th Anniversary show (updated)


Following on from all of the tickets selling in the blink of an eye, the gig has been moved to a bigger venue – The gig will now be held at The Dome, and further tickets have been released.


In a roundabout way, The Levellers are partly responsible for this blog. No, really. They were the first band I saw live who were associated with where I was living. I grew up on the suburbs of London and while there might have been bands who associated themselves with London, seeing them in London would have still been an hour’s journey on public transport.

In the summer of 1993 the band headlined a night at a free festival in Stanmer Park, just a walk over the fields from Sussex Uni where I was studying. Eighteen year old me thought it was very cool that a band who I’d heard on the radio, whose cds my friends from other parts of the country owned, would be playing a free gig in their hometown, my hometown. It would be another eight years before Fatboy Slim did something similar with the first Big Beach Boutique.


Fast forward to 2013 and the band are celebrating their 25th birthday. The Levellers don’t play much in Brighton these days but to commemorate the landmark they’re playing a one off show on Friday 19th July at The Dome St Barts church just off London Road – the closest suitable venue to The Level which was one of the inspirations for their name (We could mention that The Levellers was also the name of a political movement in the Civil War, but we’re Brighton Music Blog, not the Seventeenth Century History blog). Pre-sale tickets sold out when they were announced last week, but more tickets have been released and are available

More details are available on the facebook event page.

Three new videos

I can barely keep up with the amount of new Brighton music at the moment. Here’s three videos that have come to our attention this week.

First up is the debut single from Rubylux. The World Goes Quiet is released on 12th May, but the video is doing the rounds already. The anthemic rock single is also the title track from their upcoming album

Speak Galactic‘s album Severed came out last September, but there wasn’t a video for Precautionary Measures which was the single at the time. Owen Thomas has now put together a video for the album’s opening track – Hyss. The track is five minutes of wonky analog prog electronica, and has a video which perfectly matches the song:

I’m going to be writing another blog post about The Levellers in the next day or two, but in the meantime, here’s the video for their new single The Recruiting Sargeant  which is out 5th May, with all profits going to the WarChild charity:

Weekend Round Up

Time to collect together a few bits and pieces that have dropped into our inbox recently. First up is a remix of Cate Ferris’ Doll on a Music Box by Talking Books:

Next up, the new video from The Levellers, who are making a video for every single track on their new album, which we’ll round up when they’re all done. Until then, here’s Mutiny:

The New Union have put up a video for the b-side to their single Without You. This is Home:

Finally, London Commands You (don’t be fooled by the name – they’re local!), have a new single out called Truth. And for the life of me, I can’t find a way to embed the video into the post. So you can click through and watch it here, or you can buy it via amazon here.

New Levellers Single – Truth is

I was wondering when I’d get to write about The Levellers. As out of fashion as they might be, they were probably the first band I acknowledged as being from Brighton, back in my student days when I’d jump up and down at The Event, drunk on watered down Snakebite, to the sounds of One Way.

The new Levellers single, called Truth Is, comes out Saturday 21st April. Most singles normally get released on mondays, but this is coming out on the saturday to coincide with Record Store Day, where their contribution to the many limited items available will be the single released on 7″ red vinyl.

You probably don’t need telling what the Levellers single sounds like – just close your eyes and picture the words “folk rock”.