The Brighton Bieber?

Up until last year successful artists from Brighton were, for the most part, reasonably easy to pigeonhole. Fatboy Slim would probably come up first in a round in Family Fortunes on the subject, and there were a lot of other dance acts who followed in his footsteps. And we also had some reasonably successful bands who could quite clumsily be labelled Indie – The Go! Team, The Kooks, The Maccabees, British Sea Power.

But then last year, out of nowhere, came Rizzle Kicks who weren’t like anything else Brighton had to offer. The mould had been broken. And now, equally unexpected, a Brightonian has come top of MTV’s “Brand New for 2012” poll, with a landslide 45% of the votes. Conor Maynard found fame on Youtube two years ago and releases his debut single “Can’t Say No” in March. Comparisons are being made in the press with Justin Beiber – I’m not really in a position to comment, since I haven’t heard him, and wouldn’t know a Justin Beiber track if one came on the radio, so I’ll leave you to judge for yourself. Apparently he’s playing at the Haunt on Sunday night. Expect a crowd if teenage girls if you want to investigate

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