Rob’s Sea Monsters Diary part 6, 28th January 2012

So, today’s diary is being written a little bit differently from the previous days. Since the gig I’m writing about was on a friday night, I’ve got the luxury of having a bit more sleep than I’ve had the rest of the week, and have done the write up the following morning since I don’t have to go to work. Unfortunately, that extra passage of time (as well the little bit more beer I allowed myself) means that my recollection may not be quite as sharp as previous days. We’ll see though.

First up were Twin Brother. On record, just the work of Alex Wells, live he’s complemented by a full band. Without wishing to just re-type the words from the program, there’s no denying that you can hear the Strokes and Arcade Fire in his music. I feel a bit bad for only catching the end of their set, since they were flagged as ones to watch in several of the previews of the festival I read.

Twin Brother

Next up were Jumping Ships, who despite only being second on the bill, managed to pull the biggest crowd of the night. They played angular guitar pop, not a million miles away from what Twin Brother performed (I guess that’s why they’re on the same bill). The bassist was full of energy and making maximum use of the space he had. They’re playing the Hydrant tomorrow night, where hopefully they’ll have a bigger stage to play on.

Jumping Ships

Then it was Black Black Hills, who I’ve seen a couple of times in the past few months, and seem to get better every time. This time they’re revelling in the glow of their debut single “A Drowning” being awarded The Source’s Brighton track of 2011. They’ve got a fantastic captivating front man, and the doubling up of the drums makes their sound so much bigger. My bet is that this time next year, they’ll be the ones headlining.

Black Black Hills

Finally we had Munich, with their broody cinematic pop. Stewart commanded the stage at the Albert – it’s small scale made all of the bands seem larger than life, but for Munich, the effect was that you really were at something special. It wasn’t that difficult for them to make that little bit more effort – just half a dozen table lamps – but it’s the little touches that make a band stand out and Munich certainly did. Over the past couple of months, Munich have been putting the occasional new tune up on their bandcamp page. Get over there and check them out.


Only one more night of Sea Monsters to go, which makes me a little bit sad in a way, because I’ve really enjoyed this week. I think my body could do with a rest though!