Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Twenty – Bentcousin / I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You

Bent Cousin (1)Bentcousin burst onto the local music scene early in 2013 with a twitter stream which did it’s best to try and rile anyone and everyone. They made outlandish claims like the two front people being twins but also being a decade apart in age, and their guitarist being a member of PiL. It turns out that the twins were born either side of midnight on 31/12/89, and Keith Levene joined them at Patchfest in July. And then they released their EP called Everybody’s Got One, which was packed with lo fi indie tunes, pitched somewhere between Orange Juice and the Shangri-las. As a live prospect the band have bags more charisma than most other local bands – a band might have the best songs in the world but what’s the point of going to see them if they’re just going to go through the motions? I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You is the quiet closer to the EP, more bossa nova than guitar pop, which allowed the simple yet intelligent lyrics to shine through.