Martin Rossiter Live album

Martin Rossiter

Last November, Martin Rossiter released his debut solo album, The Defenrestration of St Martin, and we loved it, calling it “a thing of magnificent beauty“. The album was a long a time in the making and Martin was out of the spotlight for nearly ten years. His first step back was a concert at the Unitarian Church in New Road last May, which was recorded and has been released today, on sale for a mere six pounds.

The live album is made up of old Gene favourites as well as tracks from The Defenstration of St Martin, all played in the same style as the album with just piano and voice.

Martin will be heading out on tour soon, and plays Brighton on 14th June at Brighton Dome.

Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar / Day 20 / Martin Rossiter

We first started pulling together our end of year list back in October. By that point in the year, you’ve got a pretty idea about who you feel deserves an extra mention. Our first draft didn’t mention Martin Rossiter though – We’d spotted him playing bass innocuously in Call Me Jolene, and heard some positive second hand reports about his performance at The Wedding Present’s At The Edge Of The Sea all dayer back in August, but we didn’t think that was quite enough for him to make our list. But then a couple of weeks ago, we got hold of his first album in over a decade, and we knew that our list needed changing straight away. The Defenestration of St Martin is tender, emotional and personal. It’s cruel yet majestic, cold yet beautiful.

Martin Rossiter / Drop Anchor

Later this week, I’ll be writing a review of the new Martin Rossiter album, The Defenstration of Saint Martin. I’ll mention what a glorious return it is for the ex-Gene frontman (who’s now based in Brighton, obviously). I’ll note how there’s obviously been a lot of pain in Martin’s life, and comment on just how eloquently this is put across in the ten minute opener Three Points on a Compass. I’ll note how the instrumentation – just voice and piano – makes it both simple and powerful. And I’ll feel slightly daunted about putting some words together when my command of the English language isn’t a patch on his.

In the meantime, here’s a video of one of the standout tracks from the album – Drop Anchor: