Weekend Gig Picks

As Christmas approaches, we haven’t got quite so many acts in our weekly roundup of the local gigs we’ve picked out, but it’s all about quality rather than quantity.

Before I mention any other gigs this weekend, I want to give a special mention to a charity gig that’s taking place on Sunday afternoon / evening at the Above Audio, put on by Les Enfants Terribles in aid of the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Project, supporting those affected by the recent catastrophic weather in the Philippines. They’ve got a great line up, including The Miserable Rich (who are re-forming as a one off for this gig), The Phantom Runners, Spit Shake Sisters, Common Tongues, Lost Dog and Will Musset. There’ll also be a raffle and mince pie sale to raise more money for a deserving cause.


Anyway, back to tonight’s gig recommendation –  A Lily (who appeared in our Advent Calendar last week) are supporting Farao and Asgeir at the Green Door Store.

Friday Night sees one of Brighton’s hottest tipped bands play at Bermuda Triangle. Royal Blood have been tipped as one of the BBC’s sound of 2014 bands, and are playing what’s bound to be a sold out gig supported by Tigercub.

1461085_396750197122559_1663366901_nEz Stone launches his Moroccan Whiskey EP at the Red Roaster coffee shop on Saturday night, and is joined by Your Correspondent, Bella Spinks and Sam Jordan. Elsewhere, Kill Moon are headlining this month’s Drugs at the Green Door Store, alongside Dead Man’s Hand, The Harbour and Frankie & The Teardrops.

The big gig of the weekend however is Fatboy Slim, who’ll be playing to a packed room at Digital. It’s rare to see Norman Cook play a venue this small these days, and I’m a bit jealous of anyone who’s got a ticket!

Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day four – A Lily / The Sparrow In the Lemon Tree

A Lily’s Lupa EP came out last month on Love Thy Neighbour, and it’s lead track – The Sparrow In the Lemon Tree – is absolutely gorgeous. Layers of lush strings, harp and delicate vocals interweave with quietly burbling electronica of the gentlest tracks in our list. You can catch A Lily live next Friday (12th) when they’re on the bill at the Green Door Store with Asgeir and Farao.

November Top Ten

We’re posting up our favourite tracks from November a little earlier than usual because it’s almost time for us to start our Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar, where from December 1st we’ll be posting up a different band every day that we’ve enjoyed this year, culminating in our musical highlight on Christmas Day (to give you something to read while your parents are watching the Queens speech). Before then though, here’s what we loved this month:

1) IYES – ‘Til Infinity

IYES debut single proper is a corker. From the opening drums and hand claps (How long before live performances string out the intro and get the audience to the claps like Queen’s We Will Rock You?) through to Melis “Mmm-Hmm” at 2.10 it doesn’t put a foot wrong.

2) Black Rooster Black Shag – Run Baby

Run Baby is the kind of catchy, effortless rock’n’roll that’s as cool as ice. The black & white video for the track makes us love it even more

3) Nordic Giants – Dark Clouds Mean War

 Dark Clouds Mean War is the closing track from Nordic Giants recent Dismantle Suns EP. It’s brooding and cinematic and packs in more emotion into one track than you’re likely to hear this year

4) The Beautiful Word – Coconut Hair

In a complete change mood, Coconut Hair, from The Beautiful Word’s new release Particles is silly and nonsensical and will put a smile on your face.

5) A Lily – The Sparrow In The Lemon Tree

 The Sparrow In the Lemon Tree, taken from A Lily’s new EP Lupa, is a thing of fragile beauty – lush strings and gentle electronica combine for this lovely take on modern folk

6) Kins – Aimless

Kins new single starts off sounding almost jazzy, but soon settles into beautiful abstract guitar pop which feels familiar yet unlike anything you can put your finger on.

7) Plasticine – Dreamers Of The Day

We haven’t heard much from Plasticine since we first crossed paths with them back at Sea Monsters back in January. After nearly a year they’re back on the blog with a fantastic pop single.

8) Faux Flux – Week Long War

Faux Flux follow up this year’s earlier Come Alive release with new single Week Long War, which we like even more. We’ve posted the video here, but you can download the track and it’s b-side for free over on their bandcamp site.

9) bentcousin – Sunglasses In Winter

Bentcousin’s first proper release since their Everbody’s Got One EP is a track quietly tucked away on a compilation album. While it starts off with gentle guitar lines that echo I Think I Like You Girlfriend More Than You from their debut, the subject matter is much more hard hitting. Bentcousin are playing an unplugged gig at Revenge on Sunday afternoon at 4pm for World Aids Day.

10) Jipsy Magic – So Serious

Genre busting Jipsy Magic describe themselves as a disco / funk / pop band. There’s a fair bit of indie in there too as you see in their new single So Serious:

New Music – Faux Flux, Flash Bang Band, Tigercub, Plasticine, Bentcousin, A Lily, Heliopause

Here’s another post of new music that has come to our attention. We literally can’t keep up – we started writing this about a week ago, but every day there’s been new things to add to it. Good work Brighton!

Faux Flux – Week Long War EP

Thew new two track Faux Flux EP is out now on Donut Records. The EP features two new tracks, the poppy Week Long War and the more ethereal As Kids. Grab the EP as a free download over on Bandcamp now.

Flash Bang Band – Thinking above my Station

Flah Bang Band are continuing with their effort to put out a video for every track on their Bite Your Tongue album, this time filmed in an ex-DIY store.

Tigercub – Mother

Mother is the third video from the debut EP by Tigercub, which got released on iTunes last week on Club The Mammoth records. Videos for the other two tracks – Little Rope and Centrefold – have been online for a while, but Mother has just popped up to coincide with the release.

Plasticine – Dreamers of the Day

Dreamers of the Day is the debut single from Plasticine, who we first caught back at Sea Monsters earlier this year. You can grab it as a free download over on Soundcloud.

Bentcousin – Sunglasses in Winter

Pat and Amelia from Bentcousin are only in their early twenties, so it’s more than impressive for them to be tackling a subject like domestic violence. Sunglasses in Winter appears on Creechers, a new compilation on Creech Records. You can download it for free here. The compilation also includes Fire In The Sky by Dog in the Snow, which we featured a few weeks back.

A Lily – Lupa

A Lily is the musical project from James Vella, one of the guys responsible for Fatcat Records. Lupa is lovely stuff – lush strings, twinkling electronica and melodic vocals. As well as the bandcamp links, you can also pick it up on 12″ from Resident in town.

Heliopause – Eden

Eden is the fourth of a set of EPs put out by Heliopause as the band goes through a bit of a transition period. Each of the tracks on the release are just vocal and guitar, gentle almost-folk, but Richard Davis – the constant member in the group – is in the process of putting together a full band for the new material he’s working on.

Sea Monsters Preview interview with Andy Rossiter of Love They Neighbour

In advance of next week’s One Inch Badge promoted Sea Monsters seven gig bonanza at the Prince Albert, we caught up with Andy Rossiter of Love They Neighbour, who’s curating Wednesday night’s gig:

Last year’s Sea Monsters wasn’t curated, but this year’s is. How did you come to be hosting an evening?

I’ve known Alex from One Inch Badge for a while now; we owned the Freebutt together and Love Thy Neighbour have done a few co-promotions with One Inch Badge, so when they asked me I had no hesitation in saying yes. The last two Sea Monsters events have been great in showcasing the best of Brighton, so it is a pleasure to be part of it.

The next Love Thy Neighbour release is by Us Baby Bear Bones, who aren’t on the bill. Did you want them to play, or were they already booked to play at the Danger Du Mort night at the Green Door Store already?

Yeah, we’re really excited to be releasing Us Baby Bear Bones debut release ‘What starts with a U ends in an I’, which is out in March. That band are incredibly creative, so expect some great artwork as well as a stellar ep! They would have played this year, but they played Sea Monsters 1 & 2, so One Inch Badge were keen not to have the band play for a third successive year.

Have the other acts on the bill got a chance of recording for Love They Neighbour, or is the night about Love Thy Neighbour as promoters rather than the label?

Love Thy Neighbour is open to all sorts of music, so if we find a band we love who get what we’re about then we’d happily release something by them. After the Us Baby Bear Bones EP we plan to release an EP by A Lily, and we’re in talks with another Brighton band about a release in the summer, but other than that we are free for something new. We see ourselves as a introductory label where acts can release their music and have complete creative control over their music & art, so I anticipate that Abi Wade, Us Baby Bear Bones and A Lily will move onto bigger & better things and we will release music later in the year potentially by acts we haven’t even heard yet.

Who’s Love Thy Neighbour’s tip from the bands playing across the other nights?

Apologies to anyone who knows me personally, because I literally don’t shut up about this band, but if you haven’t seen TRAAMS yet, then you must, they’re amazing. They make slacker lo-fi rock music with elements of Krautrock & US indie. They have an eye for a tune too. Would have loved to have done something with them for Love Thy Neighbour, but they have already moved onto bigger & better things! A close second is Physics House Band, another band who are flipping awesome and an outstanding live proposition.

If you could have got any Brighton band, past or present, to play your night who would you have chosen?

Er wow, that’s a tough one. There were loads of Brighton based bands I loved when I was about 18 like Clearlake, 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Turncoat, Charlottefield, British Sea Power, Coin-op & Electric Soft Parade, but I think it would have to be Electrelane. For those who don’t know their music, they made alternative, mostly instrumental rock & electronica and their albums were largely produced by Steve Albini. They split up in 2007, but reformed last year for live performances. My favourite album of theirs is ‘No Shouts No Calls’, which gets a lot of play in Sticky Mike’s!

Love Thy Neighbour curate Wednesday night at Sea Monsters, with Abi Wade, Holy Vessels, Plasticine and Jacko Hooper