New Music

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a roundup of the new music that’s dropped into our inbox, so time for an update.

First up is Impellers main man Ed Meme, who’s roped in the vocal talents of Myles Sanko for his first solo slab of 7″ vinyl on a track called Oh Yes I Will, which is coming out on classic funk label Breakin’ Bread on 25th February.

We’ve already mentioned Luo today, in our Weekend Gig Picks. His new EP Antidote is available as a free download, and is three tracks of lovely, jazzy, glitchy, electronica. And it’s free.

The last track of the Luo EP features the vocal talents of Jacko Hooper but In Angers couldn’t be more different from Luo. This is haunting sparse folk:

Raven also have the lyrics to their tune popping up in the video for Sounds Like Home, which puts a spin on rock by adding occasional glitchy 8-bit electronica, which gets reflected in the video:

Because of the snow the other week we missed Tiger Cub at Sea Monsters, so we’re happy to give their new single Little Rope a mention:

Gudjohr picked a funny time of year to put out an EP with an opening track entitled Summertime. Don’t be put off though, because Memories of Once Known is five tracks of lovely gentle lilting folk, which is available for free over at bandcamp.