Maker video and REDS album

Two quick things we didn’t get around to mentioning this week.

First off the new single ‘Devotion’ from Maker is really something special. Probably more pop than their tougher live rock sound, it’s a stunningly executed slice of sexy pop-rock and will hopefully bring this band more of the attention they deserve. There’s a NSFW video too

And the amorphous psych-rock improvisation collective REDS have released a limited edition  CD, which collects together a number of tracks that add to their reverberating and impressive live sound. You can hear it below and buy it over at bandcamp

Bunty – Multimos 5

It’s been a while since we wrote about Bunty, when she headlined the Source New Music Beatabet takeover Night back in September last year. That was around the time of the launch of Multimos 1, and since then she’s released another four parts of her seven part multimedia album.

cover (2)

Multimos five is out this week, available as a free download from bandcamp. If you click play on the widget below you can enjoy the musical element, but you only get the full Multimos experience buy clicking through downloading the whole package.

Anyone who’s seen Bunty live knows to expect experimental looped beats. Mysterious Fruit feels exotic and, well, mysterious. Overview Effect is built around guitar, vocal and what sounds like telephone samples, and third track Moon Arise sounds like it could be a traditional chant with it’s vocal motif and drone. There’s also a video in the download package, with some 1920s looking film, and a remix containing elements of all of the tracks.

Get on the download now!