New Music – IYES, Grasshopper, Hella Better Dancer

Less than ten days to go before Christmas and there’s still new music popping up for us to share with you.

First up is IYES who have responded to the release this weekend’s surprise release of a new Beyonce album by putting up their cover of Crazy in Love.It starts off threatening to be a slow piano ballad, but then 45 seconds in takes a turn a brings in glitchy drums and slowed down vocals – Much more imaginative that your normal cover:

Hella Better Dancer have a new video up. Sleeptalking originally came out in November (but somehow we missed it at the time), but the video is just up on Youtube this week. The single is available on 7″ or as download via Soundcloud.

Finally Grasshopper have new EP out. You can pick up a copy of the post-punk sounding Circle Time from Resident, or take a listen on Soundcloud.

Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Sixteen – Milk & Biscuits / Hairstyles

Milk & Biscuits

Milk & Biscuits

When Milk & Biscuits put out their epic single White Noise in 2012, it was described as being the first single to be taken from their album Spirit Nap which was meant to be due early this year. We didn’t get an album, but we did get the brilliant Belle & Sebastian-esque single Hairstyles, which we loved.


Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Fifteen – The New Union / Staying Friends

IMG_0537eesThe New Union released their first full length EP to the world back in June. The self titled 12″ contained four tracks of predominantly guitar based pop and for a debut it was incredibly accomplished. Staying friends was the lead track and still gets a lot of plays around these parts.


Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Fourteen – Kins / Post Tropical Storm

RZ9A3686esBack in July Kins quietly released their eponymous debut album. There was no big press hype, no barrage of emails from eager PRs, in fact there was very little information at all. Some records can speak for themselves though – Kins was one of those, sounding not a million miles away from Foals or Alt-J, and a consistently great record throughout




Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Thirteen – Us Baby Bear Bones / Swamp

Us Baby Bear Bones debut EP What Starts With U Ends With An I was a long time coming. We first heard about it back in April last year and it finally got a release in June. It was well worth the wait through – Handmade packaging where the cover formed a small part of a much bigger image (which you can see slowly taking shape on their website as people buy copies of the EP), and five fantastic tracks which defy classification. Obtuse but accessible, a mixture of electronic and analogue instrumentation, catchy but without traditional choruses. Swamp was our favourite and you can listen to it here:


Weekend Gig Picks

As Christmas approaches, we haven’t got quite so many acts in our weekly roundup of the local gigs we’ve picked out, but it’s all about quality rather than quantity.

Before I mention any other gigs this weekend, I want to give a special mention to a charity gig that’s taking place on Sunday afternoon / evening at the Above Audio, put on by Les Enfants Terribles in aid of the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Project, supporting those affected by the recent catastrophic weather in the Philippines. They’ve got a great line up, including The Miserable Rich (who are re-forming as a one off for this gig), The Phantom Runners, Spit Shake Sisters, Common Tongues, Lost Dog and Will Musset. There’ll also be a raffle and mince pie sale to raise more money for a deserving cause.


Anyway, back to tonight’s gig recommendation –  A Lily (who appeared in our Advent Calendar last week) are supporting Farao and Asgeir at the Green Door Store.

Friday Night sees one of Brighton’s hottest tipped bands play at Bermuda Triangle. Royal Blood have been tipped as one of the BBC’s sound of 2014 bands, and are playing what’s bound to be a sold out gig supported by Tigercub.

1461085_396750197122559_1663366901_nEz Stone launches his Moroccan Whiskey EP at the Red Roaster coffee shop on Saturday night, and is joined by Your Correspondent, Bella Spinks and Sam Jordan. Elsewhere, Kill Moon are headlining this month’s Drugs at the Green Door Store, alongside Dead Man’s Hand, The Harbour and Frankie & The Teardrops.

The big gig of the weekend however is Fatboy Slim, who’ll be playing to a packed room at Digital. It’s rare to see Norman Cook play a venue this small these days, and I’m a bit jealous of anyone who’s got a ticket!

Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Twelve – Black Rooster Black Shag / Run Baby

Despite being called End of Year Lists, most start to be formed in early November. By then  most bands have put out everything for the year, before they go into hibernation for the winter. It’s always a pleasure to hear new music though, whenever it comes up, so when Run Baby popped into our in box in mid-November we were very happy, especially since it’s such a great track. Run Baby might not be the most original track in our Advent Calendar, but it is the most Rock’n’Roll.

Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Eleven – The Beautiful Word / Particles

Many months before Particles the album came out, Particles the single was released. We’ve been fans of The Beautiful Word since before we started the blog and over the years the band have grown up a lot. When Particles hit our stereo back in May we could hear straight away that this was the sound of a band who had grown into their sound. At the time the single came out we said that this was probably the best thing they’ve done. By the time we reviewed the album we were sure of it:

Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar Day Nine – British Sea Power / Machineries of Joy

Most bands don’t get around to putting out one album per year, but in 2013 British Sea Power have managed two – the soundtrack to From The Sea To The Land Beyond (which they performed live at the Duke of Yorks earlier this year and released a week ago), and Machineries of Joy, hailed as both a mature album and one of their best. The single of the same name appeared in March and is the ninth door in our advent calendar: