Brighton Rocks #5 – Eleanor Rudge from The Hundredth Anniversary

Untitled (5)es

What’s the best thing about Brighton?

It’s colourfulness and liveliness. And it’s got loads of my friends in it.

Who are the your favourite local bands?

Penelope Isles & Porridge Radio at the moment, both for their live shows.

What’s the best venue?

I went there for the first time this weekend, but it was great and I want to play a show there… The Marlborough Theatre

What’s the best rehearsal space / studio?

Brighton Electric

What’s the best club?

haha, umm… I’d probably go to Volks if I was going to a club.

What’s the best record shop?

Resident’s obviously great and we’re lucky to have it. But I also like the selection of records in The Family Store a lot…

Where’s the best places to eat?

There’s so many nice places, the place I want to try next is Manjus, they do vegetarian Indian street food and I’ve heard it’s great.

What’s the best pub?

Great Eastern for cosiness / Mucky Duck for the vegetarian roast / Marlborough for the free pool and inclusiveness

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?

I’ve got a feeling David Shrigley lives down here now… if so, he gets my vote.

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?

Never, I’m afraid. But I’d take one of those fake fry ups you can get that are made out of rock instead I think.

The Hundredth Anniversary’s album Sea State Pictures is out now on Faking Jazz Together Records, and is available on download on bandcamp or physically from the band’s webstore or Resident.

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