New Brighton Music

January was a fairly quiet month for new music, so our second post of the year has taken until February. We’re going to start large, with one of the biggest bands from round these parts. Orbital are back with a track called Kinetic 2017, which is a remix of an Orbital side project release from 1992:

The Emma Gatrill album Cocoon comes out next month on Wilkommen records. The first taste of the record is the track Skin:

The Wytches have put out a new video for Bone Weary taken from last year’s All Your Happy Life album. The band are off on a tour, but by the time you read this you’ll have missed the Brighton date, which was at the Hope & Ruin last week.

Crazy is the latest track from Bentcousin. They’ve roped in previous collaborator Lord Gabe to work with them, resulting a wonky electro number with Amelia’s vocals and a rap section in the middle.

DarkTrain sent us a message yesterday about their new track, which is a cover of Bowie’s Never Let Me Down, transforming it from a very 80s pop track into effervescent electronica

Finally a couple of weeks ago we did a preview of Love Thy Neighbour‘s Triptych series – three concerts, each with three bands playing each night. Every gig came with it’s own lathe cut 8″ vinyl release containing a track from each band playing. There’s only one or two of each record left at the time of writing, but there’s also a digital release, so you won’t miss out. Across the three nights there are tracks from Porridge Radio, Garden Centre, LC Pumpkin, GAPS, Dog in the Snow, KUB, Immersion, Eva Bowan and Merlin Tonto

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