New Brighton Music

Here we are with our first New Music post of 2016. A fair few of the tracks actually came out last year, but we were a bit distracted in December with our Top ten posts. Talking of our Top ten, you might ask why we’re featuring our number one Fujiya & Miyagi again. Well, EP2 is about to get a US release, and the band put out a video for Extended Dance Mix directed by Bob Brown from Shrag:

Mok‘s new release is a visual EP, or a VP as they call it.  The House is out now as a full length video or as six tracks on Spotify.

Fragile Creatures have just put out their first new material since their … And Other Wild Things LP. They’ve obviously still got wild things on their mind since the new track is called Monster:

Penelope Isles new release is part of the Art is Hard singles club. You can learn more about the 2017 singles club, the first release of which is Cut Your Hair, on the Art is Hard website

We’ve featured Bad Family before, but we haven’t yet featured the lead track from EP1 My Body Pines. You can catch Bad Family live a week on Saturday at the Hope & Ruin.

Years ago, before we started the blog we quite liked a local band called the Lyrebirds. They seemed on the cusp of great things, then they split up. Then just before Christmas we received a mail with a video for a track called Look The Other Way by The New Faith, who are loosely related to the Lyrebirds. Hopefully The New Faith can pick up where the Lyrebirds left off:

The Hundredth Anniversary‘s debut album Sea State Pictures is out soon, and they’ve shared a video for Pour. The album launch party takes place at the Hope & Ruin on 10th March.

Last up is White Light by Lost Idol, which is an EP which came out at the tail end of last year. It features a number of new tracks as well as remixes of tracks from last year’s album Chrome Machine Tales:

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