Brighton Rocks #8 – Pete Fij

Normally at the top of each Brighton Rocks we put up a picture that we’ve shot ourselves of our interviewees, but despite a fair few emails back and forth between us and the Pete Fij & Terry Bickers camp we haven’t managed to sort things out yet, and their beautifully sublime album We Are Millionaires comes out tomorrow so we thought we’d get the words up and hopefully the picture can follow at some point.


What’s the best thing about Brighton?
The North Laines, the sense of adventure, the liberalism, and the wide choice of Japanese cuisine.

Who are the your favourite local bands?
Fujiya & Miyagi, Fröst, British Sea Power

What’s the best venue?
Rialto, Green Door Store or if you want to go super intimate then Bom Banes.

What’s the best rehearsal space / studio?
Best rehearsal space Terry’s front room. Best studio would be Church Road which has become a second home for us.

What’s the best club?
I have a soft spot for Spellbound

What’s the best record shop?
Resident, though Vinyl Revolution which is about to open in Duke Street looks promising

Where’s the best place to eat?
Love the unpretentious hustle & bustle of Pompoko

What’s the best pub?
So many to choose from, but have soft spot for The Iron Duke in Hove and The Great Eastern on Trafalgar Street (if you can get a seat!)

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?
David Van Day.

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?
On my wedding day – we had some made with our names on it.

We Are Millionaires by Pete Fij & Terry Bickers is out on 21st July and could be bought digitally or on cd here. They play at St Pauls in Worthing on Saturday night, and in Brighton itself on 30th August at The Rialto.

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