Brighton Rocks #6 – Animal House

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What’s the best thing about Brighton?

The people. We were incredibly warmly welcomed into a big group of friends as soon as we arrived and it’s never been difficult to meet a friend here. The music scene follows along that same vein.

Who are the your favourite local bands?

Blue Spectre – garage surf rock
Strange Cages – 70’s style psychedelia
Other States – sort of Western style crooning, little bit like old Nick Cave with modern production

What’s the best venue?

I mean – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar is always a laugh, The Hope & Ruin is great upstairs, Green Door Store has a great garagy feel; they’ve all got their selling points.

What’s the best rehearsal space / studio?

Our one! We lucked out when we arrived and have a space in a DIY rehearsal room we share with several other bands and musicians. We pay a monthly rent and have basically unlimited access, it’s bloody wonderful.

What’s the best club?

You want classic bangers, The Haunt on a Friday or Saturday, though I might be vilified for that. Legends is lovely and Volks is a classic super late night / early morning club innit.

What’s the best record shop?

To be honest I like just snooping around all of them. Some owned by old legends who have a collection of a billion records they’re selling and know each one like the back of their hand, I always have the most fun in those. Resident genuinely has to be the best for new music though.

Where’s the best place to eat?

One of my favourite local haunts is Milk No Sugar on Trafalgar street. It’s a happy little Vietnamese restaurant, cheap, delicious and the dude who owns it is literally the friendliest person there ever was.

What’s the best pub?

The Great Eastern, also on Trafalgar Street is just such a great little English Pub, best enjoyed in Winter though. In the summer, I mean, I hate to say The Fortune of War but it’s a classic beach front destination.

Who’s your favourite Brighton celebrity?

Has to be Steve Coogan. I’ve served both him and Nick Cave separately when I was working in cafes. I tried to make a joke regarding a banana loaf to Steve Coogan but he didn’t hear (or pretended not to) and I died a little bit.

When was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?

You mean the candy? Ummmmm… a year ago at a party probably?

Animal House‘s Hot Bodies EP is out now, headed up with the super-catchy Coca Cola. You can catch them live on 28th July when they play a headline gig at the Hope & Ruin:

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