New Brighton Music

Hello! We’ve got a whole load of new music to share this week, so I’m going to skip the preamble (which is normally the bit that takes the longest to write anyway) and jump straight in with Hello Hello – the new single from Fickle Friends:

Sticking with some more of Brighton’s heavy hitters, next up is the new one from Black Honey, called Somebody Better, which I’m sure they’ll be playing at their gig at The Concorde in a few weeks (You might have tickets which say The Haunt, but the venue has been upgraded, so don’t end up in the wrong place!)

Next up a band I saw a friend post on facebook as South Coast Psychedelic Shoegaze at it’s best. Who are to argue with that description of Stone by Post Heather:

Mudlow have a new EP out, entitled Crackling. The EP is getting a launch of sorts at The Galleons regular night this Saturday at the Brunswick.

It’s a few weeks off yet, but we’ve had news in of the new Dove House single. Unstable comes out on 28th April, and will have a launch gig at the Hope & Ruin on 2nd May:

The new Porshyne EP comes out tomorrow. The EP is called Environmental Music, and the lead track that you can listen to here is Exit:

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