New Brighton Music

Although we’re managing to be fairly regular with our posts these days we haven’t actually made a new music post since the start of November, so we’ve got a bit of catching up to do. The first track we’re going to write about is very new though – the band’s first release (although both members are very established musicians) and only went online at the weekend. The band in question is called Fröst, and they’re made up of Johanna Bramli, who currently sings with The Larsens, but was also a member of Stereolab offshoot Imitation Electric Piano and The Woo!Worths (who we wrote about in the early days of the blog) and Fujiya & Miyagi’s Steve Lewis. The track’s called Crackling On The Wire, and if you like the sound of their motoric psychedelia their first gig is at the Rose Hill on 2nd December:

img_0090eIt can be hard to get your music to stand out these days, and different bands try different formats. Later in this post we’ll talk about the new Prince Vaseline EP which is on 8″ vinyl. I’ve also had USB sticks and seen the surprising revival of cassettes. The Hornblower Brothers have managed to be truly original – their Free Range EP was given to me on teabag. Technically there was a download code on the tag, but it was certainly a trick that caught my attention. As well as the EP (out now on Bleeding Hearts Recordings), the band have also just self released what they describe as an Uncomprehensive Retrospective:

Next up is the new track from White Room, which came out last Friday. Stole the IV is thre and a half minutes of riff heavy rock:

Fickle Friends have put out another fantastic 80s tinged pop track. This one’s called  Brooklyn and it’s out now. A video for the track popped up online today, but it’s in a frustratingly unlinkable format, but it won’t take too much searching to find it:

One of the next gigs in our diary is this Friday’s launch for the Prince Vaseline EP that we mentioned further up. The EP is out now on super limited lathe cut eight inch vinyl via Love Thy Neighbour. Here’s lead track On an Island:

Junkyard Choir‘s new single came out last week. Blue Moonshine Lady is apparently about the allure of the countryside and home brewed liquor. The band are next playing live on 9th December at a night they organise at the Green Door Store called Kingdom of Dirt alongside Outlaw State, Just Like Fruit and Dead Whiskey.

Abattoir Blues had a new single out a few weeks ago, and the video for it just went live last week. Sense is out now on Cannibal Hymns:

Brightonians are obviously have a lot of concertn for the fate certain flying insects, because Orchards have just come up with this year’s second song about bees (the other being Octopuses Non The Bees from earlier this year). Honey is also about unrequited love and is out now.

Moa are a brand new local band who haven’t even played their first live gig yet. They have got a self titled EP out though, and the first track is a dreamy shoegaze number called I Know / Tell Me

Finally, the latest release in the Feirce Panda Singles club comes from A Lily. Here’s lead track Shadow and Me Makes Three:

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