New Brighton Music

It’s been a while since we’ve done a New Music post, so here’s a round up of some of the things we think you should be listening to.

Two thirds of Dream Wife are from Brighton, but their third member Rakel Mjöll is from Iceland. Brighton’s been home to Icelandic musicians before – Emiliana Torrini lived here for a number of years – but she never rocked out like this. Dream Wife’s new release EP01 is out now on Cannibal Hymns, and this is the title track Hey Heartbreaker. The band play a late night set at Sticky Mike’s on 1st April at the new-ish Busy Doing Nothing night.


David Harks new single comes out tomorrow. It’s called Obey and is released on JumJum records. The track is a collaboration with Miguel Toro, aka Royal Dust, who joins David to bring four and a half minutes of dance-pop that Hot Chip would be proud of:

Dog in the Snow‘s new single is out now. The Slow/Quick Reveal showcases the band’s more electronic sound and is their first self-produced release:

Kudu Blue‘s new single Vicinity dropped a week ago and has been making a lot of waves on a lot of big sites. The band played Patterns last weekend, but will be back there again on 21st April supporting Moss.

Fable contributed vocals to last year’s album by Paul Hartnoll, better known for being half of Orbital. He’s returned the favour, working with her to write her new single Human Pretending:

As I type, Tuska are launching their new single We Could Be Alone up in London. The track’s out already and is available as a free download from the band’s website.

Heath have shared the first track from their upcoming EP June, which comes out at the end of April.  You can hear Outline of You below and you can catch Heath all over the country as they hit the road for most of next month, stopping at the Komedia Studio Bar on the 21st.

Them The Sky have shared the first track from their third EP. They haven’t sent us any details of the EP, other than that the name of this track is Otherness. You can catch Them The Sky live supporting Yndi Halda at the Hope & Ruin on 30th March.

We were a bit hesitant to post about the new EP Elka, since their facebook page says that they’re from London / Littlehampton. I did question their PR who told me that they’re actually based between Brighton and Littlehampton, so we’ll let them in. This is Burnt Out, which is the lead track on their self titled debut EP


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