New Brighton Music

Here’s our first new music blog post in a little bit. Thankfully things have been quite quiet in the last week or so – I guess all the bands are off at festivals rather than uploading new tunes.

Anyway, our first track is the first new proper release from Dog in the Snow since last year’s Africa single. Proxy is taken from their new EP Uncanny Valley, which comes out on Love Thy Neighbour in October, and has it’s launch party at the Hope & Ruin on 14th October:

Tuval‘s Obscure Salvation EP came out a few weeks ago. Here’s the eponymous title track – psychedelic pop which goes properly leftfield around three minutes in before reeling it back in towards the end.

Next up is Up to the Teeth by Rooster Cole. The track’s taken from his upcoming EP Bird Don’t Sing, out on 18th September, which you can pre-order on bandcamp now.

We owe Flash Bang Band a bit of an apology. Both the band and their PR emailed us about their launch gig for their new split 7″ single (backed by a track by London’s MOHIT) Spooky Action at a Distance. We weren’t able to make the gig (for similar reasons to those that involve us not blogging nearly as much as we used to), but we are loving their noisier-than-usual-yet-still-just-as-melodic track:

Pictures by Native Sons has been out for nearly a month. It’s more brooding than last summer’s Humanise single, but no less epic for it:

True Noir follow up Creation from earlier this year with their new single Youth. Where it’s predecessor drew influence from the 60s with it’s reverb laden guitars, Youth looks back to the 80s for it’s reference points:

Some tracks take a while to properly come to life, so while it might seem like we first mentioned Becky Becky‘s House of the Black Madonna back in April 2013 (although the media link seems to have now been removed), a video has now appeared along with information about the track’s release. It’s out next week, backed with a host of remixes available to pre-order from the band’s website.

Our last track is the new single from The Slytones. It’s called Shake The Cage, and it’s released on 26th October. The band head off on tour later this month supporting Moulettes, then as soon as that tour’s done they head off with the Crazy World of Arthur Brown where they play the Komedia on 30th October.

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