New Brighton Music

Another week, another bunch of new tunes to share.Not quite as many as last week, so back to just the one post.

Before they head to Europe this summer to claim festivals across the continent as their own AKDK have shared a video for brand new track Atomic DNA:

Lion Bark first posted a teaser for their lazy summery new single six weeks ago on facebook, and it’s now finally appeared in full form. You and Me is taken from the band’s debut EP Pomelo which is being released on Sports Day Records this friday on limited edition cassette which you can pre-order here.

Fickle Friends debut EP Velvet came out last Monday. Track One is Could be Wrong which came out as a one off track earlier this year. Track two is the title track, and here’s track three, a stripped back synth affair entitled Paris:

Eva Bowan doesn’t just make her own electronica. She’s also part of Dog in the Snow’s live line up, and as if that wasn’t enough she’s also made a video for Seadog‘s Call and Respond taken from their recent Transmitter EP:

GAPS debut album In Around the Moments has been put back a couple of weeks and will now come out mid June (which secretly we’re a bit relieved about because we haven’t got around to doing our write up of it yet). To tide us over until it does get released the band have shared an acoustic live video of the album’s title track:

Delta Sleep have shared a track from their upcoming album Twin Galaxies. Spy Turtles is sooprific yet melodic- the sound of a band showing that they’re capable of much than the math rock they’ve made so far.

Back in 2012 Ste McGregor put out records on Skint under the name Kidda. in 2015 he’s reinvented himself and has a new six track EP under the new moniker Soft Melt. The Ten Ten EP is out on 15th June on Earle Records and is the first of a number of EPs planned for this year. PM.AM.FM is the first track to be shared with EP:

I’m not sure whether Inad are a bit cheeky or pressed send before they meant to –  This afternoon I received an email from them which only contained a soundcloud link to one of the band’s tracks. And actually, it was rather good. Normally I like a little bit more to work with, but thanks to a bit of detective work I found out that the track was taken from an EP called Thé that was released on Thor Records a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the title track He Will Disappear:

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