New Brighton Music

We’ve got a massive new music post for you all this week. The kind of post that normally means I’ve skipped a week, but it’s not been that long since I posted. Things kick things off with the new single from Orchards, whose debut album comes out next week:

Orchards / Magical Thinking
Ciel / Days
Izzie Derry / Take it from Me
Night House / Bloodlines : out now
Champion Fever / Fminism
Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn / Breathing Exercises (title track from the album of the same name)
Orpine / Sondern
MarthaGunn / We Don’t Need Each other
Gnarlah / Bow Down
Rare Devices / Atelophobia
Battery Operated Orchestra / The Dissolve
Yannik / Relax (from Curmudgeon EP)
Luna Blue / Look at Me
Deaf Surf / Sofa

Hatter / Lightbulb (feat Mrisi & Olivia Louise)

The Family Faith / Elvis Presley

M Butterfly / Bughunt

Spleen / Will to Kill (from Spleen album)

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