New Brighton Music

Here’s this week’s new music roundup. I’m going to start this week’s post with a band described by a friend as “The best live performance I have seen in some time”. He was talking about Penelope Isles, who have a new single out called Shining Gold. The beautiful chiming lo fi folk number coincides with the band’s current tour, which started at the Prince Albert on 18th September (which is where the quote above came from). Since then they’ve been down to the South West and hit London tomorrow before heading north, but this bit of the tour comes back to Brighton next Saturday where they play a joint headline gig with Porridge Radio at Latest on Saturday 30th September.

Next we have Muskets with You’re So Cool, which is taken from their new album Chew which comes out on 20th October. If you pre-order the album from their bandcamp page you get instant downloads of this track and two others:

Normanton Street‘s new single It’s Been a While comes with a gorgeous sun drenched video and some fantastic laid back early 90s vibes. Normanton Street play one of their biggest Brighton gigs to date headlining the Haunt on October 7th:

In the early days of the blog we wrote about a band called Sparrow, who were great, but went quiet for about five years. They’re back now, without the vowels, and with new material on End of the Trail records. There was a single (below) called Atmosphere (The Most Daring Escape) which came out on 11th August, and another called The New Deafening Sound, which has been played on BBC Introducing but which I can’t seem to find a stream for. The album is called Post Truth, which is out on 6th October, which is also the date of their launch gig at the Prince Albert.

The Haze is the gorgeous new single from Orange Soul, which has actually been knocking around for a few months but has only just appeared on our radar. Lovely stuff:

Burrows, the lead track on the new EP from Chalk Hands starts off gently, then quickly goes to show that you can’t always judge by first impressions. It’s backed with a track called Arms – given that the full title of the EP is Burrows & Other Hideouts you might assume that “Other Hideouts” might be the other tracks, so that’s another first impression you shouldn’t judge by. The EP is out now via the band’s bandcamp page:

Next up we have the new track from Jumanji, which came out last Friday.  Higher is three and a half minutes of soaring pop music:

White Room‘s double A side single The Blue / Tomorrow Always Knew came out a few weeks ago, but they’ve already got in touch to tell us about a double EP and tour later in the year. The Eight EP comes out on 1st December and the Brighton date on the tour is on 27th November at the Hope & Ruin:

Plans is the new single from Halcion. It comes out this Friday (29th September) and has a video filmed up at Stanmer Park:

The PR email for any band who are even vaguely psychedelic these days will tell you that they sound like Tame Impala. You can’t blame them – if I was in a psychedelic band, I’d want that comparison to be made. For most bands though, that’s not the case. I haven’t received any PR email from Underwater Boys or their people, so here the comparison is coming from me. Everyone You Know is out digitally on 4th October and on 7″ later next month.

Finally, we have Stuck in Paradise by Roman Scott, showing that music out of Brighton isn’t all indie guitars, as much as it might seem like it sometimes:


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