Another Saturday in Brighton

There is no shortage of great music to choose from in Brighton. Last Saturday we took in two great live events, at the Green Door Store and Brunswick Pub with an array of excellent local acts, in yet another marathon of awesome music.

First up was Day 6 of the Brighton Noise blog’s annual(?) array of excellent independent rock music. The event started mid-afternoon at the GDS and went on until closing.


We caught more than half of it  with Greenness, a duo lead by French singer Cess, provided an excellent introduction to the day.



Then we had the Krautrock blast of Cloud, who were playing a covers set, including their take on the Twin Peaks theme (C 4 LOUD!) and another long song so obscure that it was only available on the CD re-release of an obscure 1972 album and not the original vinyl release!












Tuval has returned to the stage with the addition of some violin, and played some complex innovative songs.




Then there was the manic energy of hard-rock Strange Cages, who kept the growing crowd transfixed.




Followed by more quality heavy sounds from Red Deer People.




Next up were the awesome Brother Twain playing only their third gig but sounding like a band who should be performing on bigger stages.

Brother Twain are a bit like a Brighton supergroup, comprising a group of  talented musicians who have played and still do play in an array of excellent local bands:

Miles Heathfield (Clowwns, Poppycocks) on vocals,

Joe Moon (Mum, Dad and the Kids) on bass,

Damo (Zofff, Spratley Japs,the Fiction Aisle, Clowwns and 101 other local bands…) on drums,

…and the brothers Adrien and Etienne Rodes, on keys and guitar respectively.


Brothers Twain – an excellent band we recommend you catch soon,


There were some more great acts completing the Day6 line-up but we had to leave for an engagement over the other side of town at the Brunswick who were hosting a superb line-up of Seadog, Ragged Rebel City and Sharon Lewis.


Sharon Lewis has produced two solo albums that contain some of the most beautifully-crafted and performed songs you could wish to hear. She doesn’t play often enough but it is a real treat to hear her when she does.


Ragged Rebel City are a duo comprising Oddur Mar Runnarson (ex-Lamb) and Stephen Hodd, who play soulful, romantic Americana with the sort of experimental edge that Lamb also had. They have an album coming out this Autumn.



Final act of the night were Seadog, led by Mark Benton and Emily MacDonald, who played an upbeat set of their intelligent, electrifying independent pop, with plenty of hints of Elliot Smith and Alex Chilton.



So that was one Saturday night, nine bands, several beers and a lot of great entertainment.

Same again next weekend?




_ _ _ _ _

Words and Photographs: Jon Southcoasting


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