Paul Murray ‘Party’

Paul Murray is well known around these parts, having made many appearances around town at open mics or playing support for bigger acts, such as Steve Mason. However, he has now released a new EP of songs called ‘Party’, produced by Tim Bidwell (Lucy Rose, John Smith), and it’s up there with some of the best of the singer-songwriter genre.

The songs on the EP exemplify an intelligent human story-telling craft that will hopefully see further success before long.

Opening song ‘Holiday Friends’ is a brilliant piece, about being young, wanting to be free and the compromises people have to make along the way. It’s lines about looking up to artists you meet when young, and their honest response on what it takes “it’s a great life, if you’re prepared not to eat”, sticks in the mind. However, it’s the overall excellence of the writing and playing that stands out, with the metaphor of holiday taking on a deeper resonance.

Some of these songs have been around a while, and Paul’s playing suggests the warmth and familiarity of old friends, ably supported by some excellent strings from Amy Squirrel. ‘Tiny Victories’ is an old song and again exemplifies the beauty of Paul’s honest human songwriting and the pair’s musical synergy. ‘Relax with the Devil’ is another song that dwells on the singer’s own fragility and weaknesses.

Our favourite song ‘Not In Front Of The Family’ exemplifies the humour in Paul’s approach, opening with the lovable embarrassment of a drunken Uncle’s honest appraisal of his thirst for alcohol at his Grandma’s birthday. Of course, the lyric carries on the story and goes deeper, with a great rolling melody, a nagging chorus-line (‘Get a tie!’) and a commentary on the human condition.  I’ve posted a link to this song below,

Final song ‘Underrated Alligator’ continues the high quality, and begins with some of the rawest elements on the EP. It’s line “You’ve been underrated…” isn’t self-referential this time, and we hope it doesn’t continue to relate to Paul’s music.

You can listen to and download all of the songs from ‘Party’ on Soundcloud here. Physical copies of the EP are available from Paul or at his shows.


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