New Brighton Music

Every post seems to be New Music posts this year – I need to get out more and start sharing some of Brighton’s live scene as well as our beautiful city’s recorded efforts. Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow night at the Hope & Ruin, when AK/DK and Frost are playing. It’s sold out apparently, so there’s no need for me to give it a plug. Oh. Anyway, onto the music you will be able to hear. First up is a new band made up from a lot of familiar faces. You might have seen Etienne Rodes playing bass with Clowwns, or possibly with Imitation Electric Piano. He’s made an album with his brother Adrien under the name Brother Twain and roped in some of Brighton’s finest talent to join him. Fellow Clowwns bandmates Miles Heathfield and Damo Waters are on the record, alongside the likes of Mary Hampton, Alastair Strachan and many more. The record is up on bandcamp now and you can hear the opener Simple Pleasures below. The band play their debut gig at the Brunswick on 25th March.

British Sea Power are back! Titillating us with the fact that the german word for six sounds a lot like sex, the title of the track is actually Keep on Trying (Sechs Freunde). Apparently Sechs Freunde is the German equivalent of six degrees of separation. The track is the first taste of their new album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, which comes out on 31st March.

Next up we have Goodnight by Della Lupa which is taken from their new EP Lost for the Longterm, which comes out on 2nd March. The launch party takes place the same day at Bleach where support comes from fellow locals Common Tongues.

We’ve always had a soft spot for Bentcousin, so we pricked our ears up when they told us about their new EP which comes out tomorrow. It’s called bentcousin & alcatraz electro present bent disco vol. 1, and as you can see it’s a joint EP with Alcatraz electro who they’ve worked with before. Their collaborations often pull them far away from their early indie releases, and this is no exception. Hopefully volume one is just the start of a whole series of bent discos.

To finish up this week’s round up we’ve got two hip hop tracks as different as you could possibly get. The first is by Abi D and is entitled Wrapped around your finger:

The other is Professor Elemental, with his new missive Salute. There’s no live dates for Professor Elemental in the next couple of months, but looking at his website you should have the opportunity to see him round town during Brighton Festival in May.


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