New Brighton Music

So, it’s been a few weeks. Sorry about that. No excuses really, but I never get around to blogging too much when it’s sunny out, even when actually what I’m doing in the evenings is trying to get a baby to sleep. Ho hum. Anyway, music. First up, the new one from The Wytches. Their new album All Your Happy Life is due out on Heavenly at the end of September, and they play the Concorde 2 on 4th November. This is the single C-side:

Next up news of the tenth album in just under ten years from Muddy Suzuki, aka Damo Waters, drummer for Clowwns, Zofff, Crayola Lectern, The Fiction Aisle, Milk & Biscuits and a whole load of other bands too. The thirteen track ambient album is called Memoir and available from the Muddy Suzuki bandcamp page. This is album opener Ampolonia:

More album news, this time from Birte Paulsen, from Germany originally, but now based in Brighton, whose album Borrowed Time has been out for a few weeks now. It’s been described as dark indie folk with a sigh of Nordic melancholy. Tar Pit is the lead track on the bandcamp page where you can buy the album:

Something a bit more lively now. This is the new one from Fond of Rudy called The Line. Premiered on Clash when it came out at the start of August, this is exactly the kind of summery guitar pop that should be coming out of your speakers:

Once upon a time there was a band called The Beautiful Word, who sadly are no more. They’ve been reborn as Bloom though, sounding a bit dreamier and more mature. The album launch is on 7th October at Latest Music Bar, but if you can’t wait that long they’ve shared the track Shout:

What’s Hard, Dark and Shiny? According to the Battery Operated Orchestra, it’s their second album Radiation. The album is available to listen to on the band’s website with all the links you need to buy it if it’s up your street. This is Diamond Feelings:

Next up, someone who’s remixed Battery Operated Orchestra in the past, here’s the new video from JØTA, a piece of instrumental electronica entitled Korolev:

Some indie pop next, from Breathe Panel, whose first single On My Way comes out on Fatcat records tomorrow on 7″ as well as the usual digital options. Breathe Panel’s next local live gig is at Patterns on 29th September supporting Honeyblood.

Who releases a single on a Tuesday? Goldbirds, that’s who. According to their soundcloud page, Soho Dogs is out on the 23rd August:

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