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Here’s this week’s new music round up. We’re kicking things off with news of the second album from the brilliant Fiction Aisle who completely unexpectedly put out a new album last week. It’s called Fuschia Days, and is available as a download or on very limited cd. There’s only two cds left – that’s how limited it is. Where The Fiction Aisle’s first album was a huge orchestral widescreen affair, the new album feels more sparse, but no less lacking in vision. A fantastic progression.

If you’d have been in town on Saturday you’d have seen a whole bunch of helium balloons outside Fitzherberts, spelling out two words. It was all in aid of the launch party for Via Tirana‘s new EP The Colours Are Always There which was taking place there all afternoon. Here’s the EP opener Girl:

Production duties on the first few Dog in the Snow releases was the work of Steve Hillier, once a third of Dubstar, but now recording as Ggghost. He’s also on remix duties on the latest track to surface from Helen Brown and Eva Bowan, called Flotsam:

We missed the release of the Mount Bank album back in May and only just realised this week. It’s out now (obviously) on Donkey Pitch records and is an awesome collection of the kind of electronica that last year’s Island Life introduced us to. The album’s called Counter Real, and here’s the closing track We Could Be Real:

Fragile Creatures have a new single out next month. It’s taken from their debut album Fragile Creatures and Other Wild Things and is called Ready to Go:

Brighton has got a good history of Krautrock bands, with Fujiya & Miyagi and Electrelane drawing from the genre. Now there’s also Merlin Tonto, who released their Baotou EP a few weeks ago on Love Thy Neighbour.

Miamigo‘s new track Forever dropped last week. If you like your pop dripping with 80s synths this is for you:

Brighton Music Blog favourites Clowwns released their new single on Friday. Love Vigilantes has long been one of the standout tracks of their live set, and if there’s any justice it’ll be all of the airwaves now too. I read something on Facebook saying that the band would be headlining a small local festival next week, but that post got deleted. I don’t know if that was because it was announced too early or isn’t happening , so it might be an idea to keep an eye on the band’s facebook page over the next few days just in case.

Finally we have some catchy lo fi indie pop from new Brighton band House Points. The tracks’ called I Don’t Like You and it came out about a week ago:


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