New Brighton Music

Here’s this week’s dose of new music. First up is Heaven by Martha Gunn, who I assume isn’t made up of bar staff from the pub on Lewes Road (although they may well be), but are also named after the Prince Regent’s best known dipper.

Next up is a brand new track from Los Albertos, who I’m sure split up a few years ago. Anyway, they’re back now, the track’s called Fall From Grace and is taken from an EP called This is a Serious Party which is out on 20th May

Purple have just released their debut EP Born To Dance. It contains four tracks of jangly 60s influenced pop, the first of which is Can You Feel:

Here’s the latest track from J Tropic, an airy day-glo cover of Jai Paul’s Jasmine:

A week or so ago, Alphabets Heaven shared their latest track, which features the vocal talents of Charo. Say What You Mean is taken from an upcoming EP entitled Wander, more details of which  as we get them:

The June EP by Heath came out on April 29th. Here’s the lead track from the EP – Brambles:

Jolé sounds like the name of a band, but is just the work of one man, Josh Oliver. New Start is his second release and is out now:

Last, but by no means least is another track taken from Fear of Men‘s upcoming album Fall Forever which appeared online earlier this week alongside news of a comprehensive US tour. That’s not so handy for people in Brighton who are most likely to be reading this, but if you pre-order the album from Resident, you’ll get a pair of tickets to the band’s instore gig on 3rd June:



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