New Brighton Music

Here’s a slightly belated new music blog post, catching up with a couple of weeks of tunes that have dropped into our inbox. Because we’re a bit behind we’ll split things into two, with another post tomorrow. Hopefully normal service will resume soon. Our first tune is the first track from Miamigo‘s new Hard To Love EP which is out now. Come of Age was apparently written about a girl from the suburbs chasing the American dream. Ambassadeurs has a new track up as a free download. It’s called Seconds and it isn’t the only new material from him – his debut album Patterns is out next Monday on Lost Tribe records. Creation is the debut track from new Brighton band True Noir. Creation is an assured debut of dreamy guitar pop – definitely a band to watch out for. Fable‘s latest offering is a electro pop collaboration with Reflecktor called Nobody Gets Out Alive: Record / Start have a new album this week entitled New Moons : Vol IV. It’s out via the usual digital distributors. Lead track from the album is the melodic rock of Lake Summerene The last track from part one of this week’s New Music roundups is from Blind Motive. Like You Do is the opening track from their “Even the neighbours will like it” EP:

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