Spectrum’s October showcase at the Dome Studio Theatre

Spectrum in association with Resident records are putting on monthly gig’s of new Brighton music, following on from the long series of similar events they curated with Source magazine.

October’s gig at the Dome Studio Theatre featured four bands on the psych/math-rock edge of things, with barely a muttered lyric vocalised between them this was a night of sonic attack, starting with the ambient electronnica of Lebanese-born Abraham Moughrabi (ably assisted by the charming Bryony). There then followed the sonic assault of Spacenoid, a three-piece rock band led by some impressive drumming from behind and lightning strikes of guitars, keyboards and looping.

After a short break there was the psychabilly surf-rock of the Halloweenish Blue Spectre, whose 60s influenced riffs got the hall jumping. Finally, there was headliners Speak Galactic who we’ve raved about before on these pages.

Another fine night from Spectrum, and we look forward keenly to next month’s selection. But meanwhile we have pictures…

Abraham Moughrabi (with Bryony Bird) Blue Spectre Blue Spectre Blue Spectre Blue Spectre Spacenoid Spacenoid Spacenoid Spacenoid Spacenoid Speak Galactic Speak Galactic Speak Galactic Speak Galactic Speak Galactic

All Photographs by Southcoasting Photography

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