First listen : Normanton Street – Much Respect EP

We’ve given Normanton Street mentions before when they’ve popped onto our radar, and now we’re happy to host the premiere of their new Much Respect EP.

The six track EP comes out tomorrow and features (in their words) “three distinct vocals, jazz influenced guitars, warm bass grooves, tight rhythmic drums along with memorable saxophone melodies”. Laid back opening tracks Fly Lady (Get Money) and New Dawn contrast Ned and Nicholson’s rap with Phoebe’s soulful vocal, then No Drama takes things in a jazzier direction. Grass is Greener serves up some old school hip hop before Rakim (The 26th Year) takes things up a notch, and the stripped back acoustic R’n’B of This Wolf is the perfect showcase for Phoebes voice. Take a listen for yourself below:

The band have been on the road playing gigs in support of the new EP this week, playing in Nottingham, London, Leicester, Manchester and Sheffield, but return back to Brighton for the official launch party tomorrow night at the Haunt, with support coming from Time for T, New Street Adventure and Wolflung.

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