AK/DK – Synths + Drums + Noise + Space

On the 19th May AK/DK release their debut album Synths + Drums + Noise + Space. It’s already getting a fantastic reception in the press – both NME and The Line of Best Fit have given it 8/10 reviews. Anyone who’s been to one of their incredible live shows will know what to expect – semi-improvised pulsating analogue synth lines, BIG drums and a cheeky sense of humour, like Stereolab if they’d grown up smoking cigarettes round the back of the bike sheds instead of focussing on their French and Politics lessons. It’s not all big bleeps though – tracks like closer Seq and Ye Shall Find and Morning Dragpipe show a hitherto unseen ambient side to the group.


The album launch is taking place next Friday (18th) at the Green Door Store, with support from Hypnotized, and the band will be joining fellow Brightonians Fujiya & Miyagi on their tour in June where they play The Haunt on the 6th. A limited edition clear vinyl edition of the album will be available at the live dates. Until then, you can whet your appetite by listening to Maxwell’s Waves:

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