New Music – Tigercub, Beautiful Boy, Bunty, Spit Shake Sisters

Here’s this week’s batch of new tunes that we’ve heard: First is Tigercub, who are showing their grungier side with their new single Blue Blood, which is out on May 5th on Raygun Records. There’s a launch party for the single at Bermuda Triangle on 24th April. Also coming out soon on Raygun Records is Beautiful Boy‘s debut single. It’s a double A side with a track called Home on one side, and the rousing guitar pop of Love Me More that we have here on the flip. It’s coming out on May 19th on limited 7″ and the band’s next gig in Brighton is on 18th April at the Clarendon Centre with Fickle Friends. Next up is Bunty‘s new single, Enemy. Last year’s multimedia Multimos project is being turned into an album, and Enemy is the first single to be released from it. We’ll give you more details on the album as we get them. Spit Shake Sisters latest offering Jesus Was a Homewrecker was actually posted up a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason we dropped the ball and have only just spotted it. How we missed this four minute garage wig out is beyond us, but better late than never.

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