Source New Music at Brighton Festival

Updated! Some of the line ups have changed, and some have been improved upon, so I thought I’d update this post and bump it up to the top again.

May is a busy month in every Brightonian’s calendar, with the Festival, the Fringe, and the Great Escape all happening on top of everything else that normally happens. Source New Music are embracing this wholeheartedly, and instead of putting on one gig this month, they’re putting on loads! Instead of their usual home of the Pavilion Theatre, they’re residing in the Dome bar for the next few weeks, with gigs at lunchtimes and in the evenings every weekend throughout May. Things kicked off today with Fragile Creatures. The age range was a bit lower than their usual gigs – they had an appreciative crowd of toddlers dancing throughout their set! The full list of acts playing is below:

Fragile Creatures playing in the Dome bar for Source New Music

Sat 5 May
12:30pm Fragile Creatures
22:00 – 00:00 Wyndham Earl

Sun 6 May
Live music from 12:30 onwards with…
Kate Rose
Early Ghost
21:30 – 00:00 – African Night Fever DJ’s

Thu 17 May
8.30pm – midnight
Beatabet Collective: Scalar Fields + Tim Didymus. DJ Jules Arthur

Fri 18 May
9.30pm – midnight
Beatabet Collective: AK/DK + Bunty. DJ Jo Brahmli.

Sat 19 May
2pm – 4.30pm:
A showcase of the best local young talent including music collective Shoreham Allstars + The Basis + The Sighted and the Captured.

9.30pm – midnight:
DJ Hot Tip Hi Fi

Sun 20 May
12.30pm – 4.30pm
Live music from The Woo!worths + Sweet Sweet Lies + Monsters Build Mean Robots + Jennifer Left.

Thu 24 May
9.30pm – midnight
Beatabet Collective: O82. + “iphone Orchestra”. DJ AK/DK

Fri 25 May
9.30pm – midnight
Beatabet Collective: Bunty + AK/DK. DJ: Man Ray Sky

Sat 26 May
12.30pm – 4.30pm
Blues with Dave Beckett

9.30pm – midnight
DJ Sam Abrahams

Sun 27 May
12.30pm – 4.30pm
Jacko Hooper + Caitlin Stubbs + Abi Wade + Forestears.

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