The Woo!Worths at Tic Toc Café

Tic Toc Café in the lanes have just recently started on putting small quiet gigs on Friday nights, and last night the Woo!Worths played a couple of acoustic sets. I was quite surprised when I heard about it – surely you can only fit about thirty people into Tic Toc anyway, before you even think about trying to squeeze a band in too – but I think it might just be Brighton’s newest best intimate venue.

The Woo!Worths

The Woo!Worths core of Rich, Steve and Jo are normally joined by other musicians when they play live, but they kept things to a minimum to respect the space constraints and the quieter atmosphere in Tic Toc. While they played to their smallest audience for a while, the crowd tucked into the café’s simple continental menu (I can recommend the boeuf bourguignon). The band played several sets over the course of the evening, allowing time for diners to make their orders without disruption, and played most of the songs you would have heard if you’d seen them at all – according to their facebook, they’d rehearsed twenty six songs!

The night had a lovely atmosphere – the staff at Tic Toc are incredibly friendly, and there was a lovely rapport with the audience, thanks to being so close to the band. They’re putting on live music every friday night, and I’ll definitely be back for more at some point soon.

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