Rob’s Sea Monsters diary, Part 1 23rd January 2011

Monday 23/1/12

So, I’ve been thinking about how best to write up the Sea Monsters on the blog. I definitely don’t have enough time to write up a full gig review the night after each gig, since I’ll be ouat at the next gig. And while I could leave things to the weekend to write things up, it’ll be nearly a week since the first gig so I won’t remember it so won’t remember it so well, especially since there as so many gigs inbetween. So I figured some kind of diary might be a better approach, writing little and often. A recap the morning after the gig, maybe a photo or two, and some thoughts about the gig coming up that evening.

It’s the first gig tonight, headlined by Sons of Noel & Adrian, who have been tipped as one of the ones to watch in the previews I’ve read, so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to seeing how they’re going to fit their twelve members on the stage at the Prince Albert!


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