Brighton Music Blog 2017 Top 25 – number 1 – Fujiya & Miyagi


Even if they’d just put out one album Fujiya & Miyagi would probably have still topped our list, but this year they managed two. Granted, the second was a reissue of Transparent Things, their breakthrough album, which came out in 2006 but really gained momentum in 2007 (the first time we saw them live was August 2007 at Loop Festival) so it’s an anniversary release of sorts. It didn’t get a vinyl release first time around which has been remedied with the reissue – it’s clear rather than black vinyl, so a transparent thing in more than just name. There was also an eponymous album – Fujiya & Miyagi was the collection of the three EPs that had been put out over 2016 and 2017 – But where Transparent Things hadn’t had a vinyl release originally, the EPs only came out on 12”, only coming out on cd / digital download upon the release of the album. It’s no understatement to say that it’s one of their strongest releases for years – from the self-deprecating lyrics on Extended Dance Mix to the throbbing electro of Serotonin Rushes, Fujiya & Miyagi are on top form right now.

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