New Brighton Music

Happy Easter! Can you still say Happy Easter a few days after Easter? Who knows. I’m saying it regardless. Anyway, here’s this week’s new music roundup, kicking off with the brand new track from Black Honey. This is called All My Pride and is taken from their forthcoming Headspin EP:

Remi Miles‘ new single premiered on Clash last week – Get High is the first hint of the year that summer isn’t too far away, which is more than welcome:

If Remi Miles gave us the first hint that summer was coming then the brand new J Tropic track is the second. It’s called Over and Over, but’s nothing to do with the Hot Chip track of the same name:

Yumi & The Weather have a track on the new XVI records compilation Islands Unknown. Their contribution is lovely minimal piece of vocal electronica called Be There:

Phoria warm up for the release of their debut album Volition with new track Evolve, which shows the band moving on from the epic guitars of old to lush electronica soundscapes:

Miamigo told us about their new single the day after we made our last post, so we’re a bit behind the curve posting about Everyone I Know. No matter though, even if this isn’t the newest track we’re posting here you should still give it a listen:

Free Dub Press have just released their new Losing Control EP, which you can grab a copy of on bandcamp. Here’s the title track:

Orchards new single came out last week. The Math Pop band’s first release since last year’s Constantly Moving EP is entitled Peggy:


Saving out favourite unti last, next week Evil Nine put out their new track Only on their new Beyond The Fields We Know label:

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