Pub Rock with Clowwns and Mum Dad & The Kids

Mum Dad and the Kids opened last night for the newly renamed Clowwns (extra ‘W’) at the Gladstone Arms on the Lewes Road. Tim Harbridge’s band play a brilliant high-tempo compound of power pop and glam rock, with some excellent songs and edgy, intelligent lyrics. Songs like ‘When in Rome’ or the vitriolic ‘Marry Me’ were real crowd-pleasers, and this is a really tight and powerful band. All in all, well worth seeking out. They’re playing their next gig on 19th December supporting the Emperors of Ice Cream at Sticky Mike’s so get yourself down there.

Mum Dad and the Kids 20141129 Gladstone Arms 02 small Mum Dad and the Kids 20141129 Gladstone Arms 04 small Mum Dad and the Kids

The Clowwns (aka Clowns aka C.L.O.W.N.S.) are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. There’s no juggling or falling over involved. The band have long given up the red noses and stripey shirts. This is just one of the most dynamic and entertaining live bands in town at the moment.

Clowwns 20141129 Gladstone Arms 28 Miles small

This gig was rearranged after the original venue had double-booked, but the back room at the Gladstone was packed with eager Clowwns fans. There didn’t seem enough room for Miles Heathfield’s usual crowd-baiting antics and he spent more time buried in the midst of the band than would be the norm, and the tight stage seemed to make the sonic attack a little more hesitant than usual. then ‘She Said I’m a Clown’ kicked off and the room was jumping. There were covers of Hit Me With your Rhythm Stick (“the best song about sex apparently) and the Specials’ Ghost Town, both played in the Clowwns own high-tempo punky style. We even had a ballad with the magnifiscent Damo Waters forgoing his drums for the song and playing some light saucy keyboards. For the essential encore, an audience member had to go retrieve guitarist Andy Claridge from the garden.

Clowwns 20141129 Gladstone Arms 22 smallThe Clowwns’ debut album is in the bag, currently under the working title of ‘The Artful Execution of Macho Bimbo’ and should be out on Bleeding Heart Recordings early in the new year.

Clowwn On.


Photographs by Jon Southcoasting

Clowwns 20141129 Gladstone Arms 15 small Clowwns 20141129 Gladstone Arms 08 Miles small

Clowwns 20141129 Gladstone Arms 20 Etienne Rodes and jazz bass small Clowwns 20141129 Gladstone Arms 30 Damo on drums small

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