RIP Robert “Throb” Young

There was sad news amongst the music press today of the death of Robert “Throb” Young from Primal Scream. The band were famously Brighton residents for many years, although haven’t been associated with the city since Bobby Gillespie moved away, and today the Guardian reported that Throb passed away at on Tuesday in Hove. Throb hadn’t been a member of the band since 2006, when he took a sabbatical which he never returned from. Bobby Gillespie and Andrew Innes put out a statement saying:

“We have lost our comrade and brother Robert Young.

A beautiful and deeply soulful man.
He was an irreplaceable talent, much admired amongst his peers,
In the words of Johnny Marr “Throb with a gold top Les Paul -unbeatable”

He was a true rock and roller. He walked the walk.
He had “Heart & Soul” tattooed on his arm and I’m sure on his heart too.
He once said to me “When we go onstage it’s a war between us and the audience”
He never let go of that attitude.

Our love and thoughts are with his sons Brandon and Miles and their mother Jane, his wife Rachel, and his immediate family.”

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