Fujiya & Miyagi / Artificial Sweeteners

On 5th May, Fujiya & Miyagi release their fifth album Artificial Sweeteners on Yep Roc records.


The band haven’t been resting since 2011’s Ventriloquizzing – we’ve had a couple of solo projects (Omega Male and I Am Ampersand), a 37 minute long running track, and a cover of New Order’s Your Silent Face for a Mojo magazine CD – but now David Best, Steve Lewis and Matt Hainsby are back with an album that might please dance music fans more than head nodding krautrock addicts. That’s not to say that Artificial Sweeteners isn’t classic Fujiya & Miyagi – There’s no escaping David Best’s deadpan swagger, although now some of the motorik grooves are more synth based and propped up with pulsating drums.

F&M ICING 1.web (1)

The band play at The Haunt on 6th June before heading around the UK then Europe. Tickets are onsale now for £6.50 + booking fee from the usual outlets. You can pre-order Artificial Sweeteners digitally from iTunes, or physically from recordstore.co.uk. Two tracks – opener Flaws and the analogue acid electro number Tetrahydrofolic Acid – are streaming below.

1. Flaws
2. Acid to my Alkaline
3. Rayleigh Scattering
4. Artificial Sweeteners
5. Little Stabs at Happiness
6. Tetrahydrofolic Acid
7. Daggers
8. Vagaries of Fashion
9. A Sea Ringed with Visions

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