new Phantom Runners single Chasing The Feeling

Earlier last year, a strange thing happened – a genuine bona fide 90s pop star and BBC Radio 6 presenter started following me on Twitter. Part of me thought that maybe I’d made it in the world of music journalism, but a more sensible part of me was a bit more realistic and thought that there must be a more logical explanation.

Later in the year I got told that this person had been signed up to produce a track for the Phantom Runners, and everything fell into place. I was told in confidence, so I’ve kept it under my hat since then, but I’m pleased to share the video for that track.

Chasing The Feeling is being released on 23rd March on Stray Cat Records, and has been produced by Huey Morgan. He explained “This is the one that you don’t pass on. The band has it all. The songs, the drive and a unique combination of musical styles that I have not ever come across.  I’m in. Are you?”

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