Above Audio Live – Momotaro & Faux Flux

Sometimes at this time of year, especially in the evenings, the seafront isn’t the most inviting of places but these days there’s a reason every Wednesday to head out that way. Above Audio have started holding regular live music nights, some run by the team there, some run by other promoters (we’ve been to a couple put on by Les Enfants Terribles). The main thing in common is that they’ve all had great local line ups.

Faux Flux

Last night we were treated to Momotaro and Faux Flux, two bands who’ve been on our list of acts to see for a few months now. We wrote about Faux Flux’s Come Alive EP earlier this year, and the band had been on the bill at a number of gigs we’ve been to (including most recently IYES last week at the Prince Albert) but for one reason or another hadn’t managed to catch them until last night. More fool us, because live they’re an even better prospect than in recorded form. With drumming as taut and lean as Demelza Mather’s there’s no need for a drum machine and although they’ve recently been touting for a third member to help them out with bass / keyboard duties Alex Ensoll seemed to have everything under control.


Headliners last night were Momotaro, who have been on our radar since the summer. Their electronic dub translated really well to a live setting with reverb drenched samples triggered on various keyboards and on the electronic drum kit. It’s no surprise that Audio had a decent PA which made the bottom end sound great but also left plenty of space for the r’n’b influenced vocals. Momotaro have got some great songs and a setup which not only works well, but is different enough to make a lasting impression. We came away last night thinking we might just have found our favourite new Brighton band of 2013.

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