New videos from The Beautiful Word and Jacko Hooper

After a few days break for the bank holiday weekend, it’s back to the blog. Today we’ve got a couple of videos for you:

First up is The Beautiful Word’s new single Particles. The video’s out now, but the launch party is going to be on 3rd of June. More details as we get them. The song’s a lot more pop and a lot less twee than we’re used to from the Beautiful Word. It’s still unmistakeably them – it wouldn’t be a Beautiful Word track without Emily and Megan’s lovely close harmonies – but this could well be the best thing they’ve done.

We’ve also got the latest upload from Jacko Hooper,  a very smooth, very classy cover of Fly Me To The Moon. He’s got another new track being uploaded soon, but until then, we’re  more than happy with this. Jacko will be playing at the Great Escape Aftershow Party at Brighton Electric, alongside Dog in the Snow, The Hundredth Anniversary, Us Bear Baby Bones, AK/DK and Spacenoid.

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