New music from Mary Hampton’s Cotillion

Well this is an oddity. A new track out of nowhere from Mary Hampton and her gang of players, the Cotillion. Mary is always a treasure, so anything new from her is worth paying attention to.

But this is a strange, dramatic and sometimes haunting, sometimes disturbing musical setting for the epigraph from the opening of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’. The lyrics are sung passionately from the dark inards of the singer, whilst the music swirls around in careless abandon in some parts and a cool dispassionate plinkety plonk of Mary’s piano in others.

The words (which are Fitzgerald’s, not Mary’s) in some ways summarise the novel and are worth repeating just for the hell of it

Then wear the gold hat, if that will move her;
If you can bounce high, bounce for her too,
Till she cry “Lover, gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover,
I must have you!”


Is this track in some way related to the forthcoming film of the Great Gatsby? I don’t think so. Was it prompted by it? Hard to tell. Is it trying to cash-in on the movie? I doubt it very much. Is it a precursor to more Mary Hampton music? We hope so, although it left me wanting more tunes and more songs.

So what do you think of it? Do tell.

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