Cate Ferris at the Blind Tiger

We’ve written about Cate Ferris loads of times, and we’ll continue to do so all the while that we go along and see her and be impressed as we were last night, when she played at the Blind Tiger in a double headliner gig with Londoner A Little Unsaid.

Cate Ferris

Cate Ferris

If I’ve understated the power of Cate’s voice in posts in the past, it was easily summed up by the reaction of one audience member, who audibly exclaimed “wow!”, when Cate hit her first big note. It’s not just about the power though – using looping pedals she’ll often harmonise with herself midsong and get the harmonies just right. As she noted herself, just a few years ago she was a technophobe and would seen onstage with nothing more than her guitar. These days she has an array of keyboards, pedals and percussion, none of which are overused, Over time these extra additions to her set have been used in more subtle ways, meaning that the song comes first rather than the gimmicks.

The performance left whole room in the palm of her hand, even those who had seen her before, so much so that there was a shout from the back of “Are you single?” (to which there was a very stern reply of “NO!” from Cate’s boyfriend who was also in the audience!).

The set was made up of mostly new songs, from her recent Get Set Ready Go EP, and some which are going to feature on an upcoming Live EP, and closed with jazzy trip hop future classic “Fly”, which I recommend you go and look up on youtube. It’s a fantastic tube and was a real high to end her set on. If you haven’t seen Cate live, don’t miss out next time!

Cate Ferris

Cate Ferris

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