Brighton Source New Music Night …with candles

The Source New Music Night is the regular monthyl gig co-sponsored by Brighton Source magazine and the Dome and which features an array of excellent new local bands at a bargain entry price. Last month was psych night, and this month the event had a totally different atmosphere with tables and chairs and candlelight. It was a cool vibe, and the four acts were each different and superb.

Bella KardasisBella Kardasis

First up was Bella Kardasis, an act we’d never come across before but who was quietly impressive, playing some stunning atmospheric guitar tunes, with a variety of finger-picking, strumming and string-tapping style and an engaging in-between song story-telling banter.

Le Juki
Le Juki

Le Juki were a threesome comprising the previously-featured Bunty on vocals and rhythms, guitarist Lee Westwood and Jules Arthur on violin and keyboards. The Le Juki thing is a lively mix of experimental dance-oriented songs. The lyrics seemed to touch on capilleries, Star Wars, being buried alive, insects and food amongst other things. But the experimentation comes in the music, which included Bunty playing drums on an up-turned picnic box and Jules picking his violin like a guitar amongst other things. It was sonically inventive and interesting, and ended with the threesome getting their ‘name’ t-shirts in order to sing an acapella song out front of the stage.

Danny Green (Laish)
Danny Green (Laish)

After the break we had a solo set from Danny Green, without the rest of his band Laish. Laish are currently launching their excellent new album ‘Obituaries’ which has been garnering 4-star reviews from all and sundry. Danny opened with the brilliant song ‘Warm the Wind’ from the new album, and then played another, but the remainder of his set comprised  new songs which have not yet been recorded. It’s a sign of how excellent Dan’s song-writing is, that these too sounded like long-time classics. Dan’s voice has a lovely authentic northern warmth and his lyrics are down-to-earth yet beautifully uplifting. Tonight he was on-fire with a gorgeous guitar sound that was well above the standard sing-songwriter. Laish are one of the finest bands around in Brighton and well-worth checking out.

We interviewed Danny recently and you can read his insightful thoughts on songwriting and music-making here.

Jennifer Left
Jennifer Left

Headliners tonight were another Source favourite Jennifer Left, the band fronted by northern chanteuse Jennifer Dalby. Starting out a little nervously for their first song, Jenn then decided to kick her shoes off and from then on the band came alive and played a set of cabaret-infused pop-folk full of great songs, including their singles Black Dog and Diggory, and their stunning interpretation of New Order’s Temptation.

Jennifer Left
Jennifer Left

So, four bands for four pounds and another great night of inspiring local music.

Next month we’ll be into a noisier selection of bands, and I doubt there will be candles. But it will no doubt be great all the same. Check their facebook page for more info.


Words and photographs by Jon Southcoasting


2 thoughts on “Brighton Source New Music Night …with candles

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  2. Who is Jennifer Left? in Indonesia have not heard her name, but she looks pretty and ripe for a vocalist. Thanks for the info, I will be back and look forward to the latest articles on Jennifer Left .. 🙂

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