weekend gig pick – The Bobby McGee’s at the Brunswick

Over the past couple of months, our weekend gigs picks posts have got bigger and bigger, as I do my best to give the local bands playing each weekend a bit of a mention. This weekend I’m reigning it in a bit and just putting forward one gig, whose headliners also have some other news to tell too.

The Bobby McGee’s will be topping the bill at Sunday night’s Blazing Saddles Cabaret at The Brunswick. Other musical and non-musical treats on the bill include Team MUD, Cherry Bella, Zaz and Bambi Beats. The night is a fundraiser for Brighton Naked Bike Ride, but organisers have made it very clear that this is a no nudity event. I’d say it was still a bit cold out there for that kind of behaviour, but some people involved with the naked bike ride are a little bit keen.

The Bobby McGees

On now to the Bobby McGee’s news – their next album has been finished. After a year of hard toil being written and recorded in the cellar underneath the Horse & Groom, Bon Bons (Je Vien Rechcher Mes) is finished. It won’t be out in the shops just yet though – it’s pencilled in for physical release in October. In the meantime the band will be releasing two download only tracks per month between now and then. The first two tracks – Biggest Smile and I Don’t Know Why – see the band developing their own “tweecore” style into something they call “Indie-Pop-Lindy-Hop”. It’s like the old Bobby McGee’s, but with a new swing direction. Most bands out there couldn’t pull off a new swing direction, but then most bands out there aren’t the Bobby McGee’s. If you really, really can’t wait until October for the album apparently “taster editions” will be available on Record Store Day (April 20th, if it’s not already in your diary). We’ll keep you updated with any more news we hear.

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