Sam Physics / KLDSCP​[​001]

Not content with being a third of one of Brighton’s best and busiest upcoming bands, Samuel Organ of Physics House Band is a man of many talents. The band also put on a monthly night called Kaleidescope at Sticky Mike’s which always features some of Brighton’s best electronica, and now Sam has started a record label – kldscp – whose first release is a seven track compilation of lovely, local downtempo beats:


kldscp[001] opens with Aadvarks which recently appeared on Luo’s lush Antidote EP. Next is a Written in Waters remix, completely transformed from the band’s more familiar sound. There’s also a Physics House Band demo on there, and a Samuel Organ solo track. There’s choral ambience from Coral ŸS and effervescent electronica Caveman Genius. The highlight for us is the track by Foreign Skin – a slice of gorgeous balearic chill out.

The full tracklist is:

Luo – Aardvarks
Written In Waters – The Fall (AZEDIA Remix)
The Physics House Band – The Underlying Fluctuation (Teratology Demo)
Foreign Skin – Hoi Sum
Coral ŸS – Lumi
Caveman Genius – Bone Machines
Samuel Organ – Tisno

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