The Physics House Band – Horizons / Rapture

Physics House Band

Physics House Band have announced their debut release. Despite the impression you might get from it’s name, Horizons / Rapture isn’t a double a side, but a twenty-six minute long six track “psychedelic excursion” (their description), none of whose titles are either Horizons or Rapture. It’s coming out on 15th April on Blood and Biscuits records, who put out Tall Ships’ album last year.

It’s available to pre-order now over on the Blood and Biscuits website on cd or 180mg vinyl in a variety of packages ranging from just the album up to a deluxe package where you get the LP, the CD, a T-Shirt, a poster and a set of Liner Notes.

To whet our appetite, the band have put out a video for Abraxical Solapse, which features on the album, and also appeared on the recent Sea Monsters 3 compilation:

Full track list is:

Side A
1. ObeliskMonolith
2. Abraxical Solapse
3. Hollow Mountain

Side B
4. Teratology
5. The Spectral Beyond
6. Titan

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